Submit a Proposal

The Office of Sponsored Programs is the administrative arm of the Office of Research and Economic Development and is responsible for review and approval of all sponsored programs proposals.  Many answers to your questions regarding proposal preparation may be found in the FAQ page links to the left.  You may also contact your Sponsored Programs Administrator (SPA) or Departmental Grant Administrator for additional guidance.  Please allow four (4) business days prior to the proposal submission due date for OSP review and signature routing.


In January 2012 NIH released Fiscal policy Notice Number NOT-OD-12-036 which states that inflationary increases for future awards will be discontinued for all competing and non-competing NIH research grant awards.

University of Idaho Vice President for Research and Economic Development, Dr. McIver, has announced that the University will not submit proposals to NIH with any line-item escalation. All categories should reflect the actual cost at the time of submission or anticipated award. Please contact your Sponsored Programs Administrator with any questions.
The NIH policy can be found Here.