Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI)

In order to promote objectivity in research and to foster compliance with federal regulations, the University of Idaho requires its Investigators seeking or with existing external funding to comply with certain policies regarding the reporting of financial conflicts of interest.  These policies are detailed in Faculty Staff Handbook section 5600 and, where required, are supplemented by UI's Emergency Policy on Financial Conflicts of Interest in Public Health Service (PHS) Research.

The primary additional requirements for PHS funded research are as follows.

  • Completion of a Significant Financial Interest (SFI) Disclosure form by all known "Investigators" (defined to mean anyone involved in the design, conduct and analysis of PHS-funded research, including PIs, co-PIs, academic professional research staff, postdoctoral research associates, and graduate or undergraduate research assistants) prior to proposal submission.
  • Completion of University-required training by all Investigators prior to proposal submission and every four years thereafter if proposal is awarded.
  • Within 30 days of any new SFIs being discovered or acquired (e.g. through purchase, marriage or inheritance) disclosing them by completing a new SFI Disclosure form.
  • Annual submission of a new SFI Disclosure form for the life of any current or new PHS-funded award .
  • For the primary PI on a PHS-funded project, identifying to OSP all persons involved in the research who meet the definition of Investigator and ensuring that training and disclosure forms are completed prior to the Investigator beginning work on the project. 

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