Issuing a subcontract

When another institution will be providing a substantive part of the programmatic work occuring under your sponsored project a subaward must be issued in order to provide a contractual framework.  Once the sponsored project budget has been set up in Banner you may request that a subaward be issued by following the steps listed:

  • Encumber the funds by issuing a requisition in Banner.
  • Complete the Subaward Request Form, including the requisition number and any required attachments, and send it to OSP Post Award.
  • After the requisition has been approved then a purchase order will be issued by purchasing.
  • Once the purchase order has been approved then OSP can issue the subaward.

Prior approval must be requested and received from the sponsor prior to subaward issuance under the following scenarios.  Please see the forms tab for sample request letters.

  • If the subaward was not part of the proposal package funded by the sponsor
  • If the subaward was proposed at an amount lower than is now needed
  • If there are significant changes to the proposed scope of work

If the subaward will be issued in increments (i.e. when the prime award is issued incrementally), or an extension of time will be required, a Subaward Amendment Request Form should be completed and sent along with any required attachments to OSP Post Award at the time the amendment is needed.  Remember that for incremental funding a new requisition and purchase order must be in place prior to issuance of the amendment.