Sponsor Prior Approval Requirements

  • What kinds of changes require approval by the sponsor?

    Changes that typically require sponsor preapproval are as follows.  These requests must be authorized by OSP and approved by an authorized official of the sponsoring agency:

    • Change of PI
    • Change of effort by more than 25%
    • Budgetary changes of greater than 25% (or as stated in agreement or agency guidelines)
    • Substantive change in scope of work
    • No cost time extensions
    • Other items as noted in the specific agreement.
  • Is is okay for me to contact the sponsor directly?

    We recommend that you work closely with your program manager to keep him or her apprised of your progress.  However, any issues that will require contractual amendments (time extensions, rebudgeting, change in PI, etc.) must be requested through OSP and be directed to the authorizing official at the agency.  We therefore request that you not contact the authorizing official directly, so that they are not receiving information from multiple sources.

  • Are there sample letters I can use to create my request?
    OSP has created sample letters for you to use to request sponsor approvals.  Please choose from the list below to get started:
  • Are there any restrictions on travel?
    Travel plans, especially foreign travel, should be specified in your proposal.  Foreign travel is generally subject to the provisions of the Fly America Act, which requires the use of U.S. carriers except under very specific circumstances.