Routing Memos and Informational Emails

When OSP receives a Notice of Award, a “Routing Memo” is issued to the Principal Investigator letting him or her know that the document has been received.   A copy of the award will be attached to the Routing Memo and the Principal Investigator (PI) will be asked to review the award and confirm that:  A) It corresponds to the proposed work plan and budgets; B) The PI agrees to the required reporting and/or deliverables and the time frame for those reports and/or deliverables; and C) The PI understands any agency restrictions and guidelines.  Any additional OSP informational requests are also noted in the memo.  Once OSP has received confirmation from the PI of acceptance of the award then contract review and negotiations can begin, if needed.


If the PI indicated, or it was subsequently determined, that the proposal would involve high-risk items such as the use of vertebrate animals, work with human subjects, biohazards or recombinant DNA, access to a BSL-3 lab, or potential export-control issues, then in order to comply with Federal and University regulations any required protocols or assurances must be in place before work can begin. 


Once the signed Routing Memo has been received and all pre-award requirements met, the award document can be signed by the Director of OSP or his/her designee (note that PIs, deans, chairs, directors may not sign or legally obligate the University as per APM 45.04(A)).  The document must be “fully executed” (i.e. all required signatures in place) before an account will be set up for the award in Banner.  See "Spending at Risk" for early set-up of budgets for anticipated funding.


Once the Banner budget account is set up, OSP Post-Award will issue an “Informational Memo” to the PI, with copies to the appropriate administrator(s). This memo communicates the account number, project period, obligated funds, and any special terms and conditions to the PI.  Informational Memos are also issued for certain modifications to an award during its period of performance.