Post Award: Program Income

Program income accounts

Program income is any income directly generated by a project during the award period.  Examples include conference fees, sale of assets purchased by project funds (e.g. livestock sales), fees for services when the project is providing the service, and sale of items such as books, manuals, software or videos created with project funding (see APM Section 45.13).  Program income expenses carry the same allowability restrictions as the rest of the budgeted expenses.  Any anticipated program income should ideally be estimated at the proposal stage, and shown as an offset to the total project budget. 


If program income is indicated at the time a proposal is submitted, OSP will set up a program income budget (XXK99P) at the same time the main budget is set up.  All program income funds received are deposited to this account using the GL account code 0862LC.  The deposit record (GRT), along with an indication of which budget category to add the funds to, should be sent to OSP prior to submission to Student Accounts for deposit to the bank.  Please refer to APM section 45.13 for more information.