Post Award: Personnel Appointments

Expenses are posted to grant accounts in a variety of ways.  These sections briefly describe processes that are used to generate transactions and discuss policies and procedures associated with certain types of charges.  For more detail please contact the appropriate University department (Purchasing, Payroll, Human Resources, etc.).


Personnel appointments

All new hires must go through the appropriate procedural steps as identified on the University’s Human Resources website.  Additionally, each college or large administrative unit on campus has a designated “Affirmative Action Coordinator” (AAC) that you will work with when hiring new employees for your project.

In cases where you will be utilizing existing employees to complete your scope of work, notice needs to be given to your department’s payroll coordinator of which employees will be working on the project(including PIs and Co-PIs); when they will be starting (and ending, if known); their role on the project; and what percentage of each employee’s time needs to be assigned to the project; so that an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) can be completed.  Ideally this information needs to be provided prior to when an employee starts work on the project to avoid unnecessary payroll cost transfers.  See "Spending at Risk" for information on setting up budgets early when funding is pending.