Post Award: Equipment Management

Expenses are posted to grant accounts in a variety of ways.  These sections briefly describe processes that are used to generate transactions and discuss policies and procedures associated with certain types of charges.  For more detail please contact the appropriate University department (Purchasing, Payroll, Human Resources, etc.).

Equipment Management

If equipment is purchased with federal funds, regulations require that the status of that equipment be monitored throughout its useful life and that its location and condition be physically verified at least biennially.  The University also tracks equipment purchased with University funds, since depreciation of this segment of equipment inventory can be charged to the government through F&A recovery on sponsored awards (see APM 45.10).  Finally, certain sponsors (e.g. Battelle Energy Alliance/Idaho National Labs, Department of Energy, and Idaho Transportation Department) retain ownership of any equipment purchased with sponsored funds and require either return or reassignment of the equipment at the end of a project.  Guidelines for the disposal of equipment purchased with federal funds can be found on the Asset Accounting page of the Business Services website.