Electronic Proposal Submission

The University encourages the use of the Cayuse424 system for the submission of Grants.gov and NSF proposals.  Cayuse424 enables PIs to download and develop most Grants.gov and NSF proposal opportunities online.  This system-to-system submission portal greatly reduces the chance of Grants.gov proposals being rejected due to missing information, forms, or fields. 


While submission of NSF proposals is possible through Cayuse424, all formal communication with NSF is through FastLane.  See http://fastlane.nsf.gov/.


Since February 2003, the Department of Energy has required that all proposal submission be done using the E-Center system; more information is available at: http://www.science.doe.gov/grants/


Many non-federal sponsors allow applications to be submitted online; this is particularly true for postdoctoral fellowships.  These proposals must still be routed through EIPRS for Chair(s), Dean(s) and/or Director(s), and OSP review and approval prior to submission.  If proposal submission to the sponsoring agency is completed electronically, in most cases the PI will be responsible for the final submission to the agency.