Conducting Research Responsibly

Trust in the integrity of University research is one of the University’s most valuable assets.  All of those associated with University research owe it to their colleagues and coworkers to ensure that research funds are expended properly; that research is conducted with due attention to ethical standards and applicable regulations; and that results are reported accurately and truthfully.  In the case of externally-funded research, researchers also have legal and ethical obligations to the sponsors of their research and to the University in its administrative oversight role.


The University must certify to federal and other sponsors that its employees, including administrative and research staff, understand the standards of professional conduct.  It must also certify that it has established procedures to demonstrate that these conduct standards are observed.  The policies and procedures for the administration of sponsored projects are collected in the UI Administrative Procedures Manual (APM) Chapter 45.  All individuals at the University of Idaho who conduct or support research or other sponsored projects should be familiar with the policies in the APM that are relevant to their specific roles. For more information see the UI Roles and Responsibilities Matrix on the OSP website.