Office of Sponsored Programs

In order to promote objectivity in research and to foster compliance with federal regulations, the University of Idaho requires its Investigators seeking or with existing external funding to comply with certain policies regarding the reporting of financial conflicts of interest. These policies are detailed in Faculty Staff Handbook section 5600 and, where required, are supplemented by UI's Emergency Policy on Financial Conflicts of Interest in Public Health Service (PHS) Research.  Please click on the link at right for details on these policies, to take required training, or to request FCOI information.

OSP has the institutional responsibility to assist the University's faculty, students and staff in securing extramural support for their research, teaching, and service activities. Learn More
EIPRS stands for Electronic Internal Proposal Routing System. EIPRS is where you will upload and submit your proposals for review, electronic routing and OSP approval. Learn More

Cayuse 424
is a direct system-to-system link for submitting proposals.

The Portal is currently used for submitting financial conflict of interest (FCOI) disclosures and IRB protocols.  Additional functionality is in development.