computer lab with students

Computer Lab

The University of Idaho in Idaho Falls (UIIF) has implemented a single point computer account authentication. Any student taking a UIIF course in a UIIF computer lab must have a computer account. Computer accounts are available in the student services office located on the upper floor of the SUB, University Place. The computer accounts are available for a fee each semester.

Service included with computer accounts are:

Email Account:
Your computer account provides an email account. We provide POP3 access off the campus network. We also provide a Web mail interface to check your Email from anywhere you have internet access via

Web Space:
Your computer account gives you disk space on a server. You can upload files for public viewing on the internet.

Computer Lab Access:
You have a unique login in the computer lab. The UIIF IT department provides paper for printing at no extra charge. In addition to accessing the software loaded on the computers, you have free printing access.

Laptop Wireless Network Registration:
We set up an online system allowing UIIF students access to our wireless network. You will need your computer account username and password to register your laptop.

Computer Lab Hours:

Room NumberDaysTimes
CHE 203 Monday - Thursday 7:00am - 10:00pm
Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm

UI students with a student ID card, may access this room 24/7, along with CHE 204. ID cards can be obtained at the Bennion Helpdesk.