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Idaho Falls

Aydogan, Fatih - Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Small modular and advanced reactors, system design and analysis, nuclear safety, computational and experimental thermal hydraulics.
McEligot, Donald - Ph.D. - Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Thermal science: convective heat transfer, fluid mechanics, turbulent, laminar and transitional shear flow: experimental, analytical and computational.
Ali Siahpush - Ph.D. - Instructor, Mechanical Engineering
Heat Transfer


Bitterwolf, Thomas E. - Ph.D. - Professor, Chemistry
Hydrogen production, development of novel catalytic materials for the electrolysis of water, generation of ammonia from hydrogen as transportable hydrogen material.
Charit, Indrajit (Indy) - Ph. D. - Assistant Professor, Material Science and Engineering
Microstructure-Property Correlations, Nuclear Materials, High Temperature Mechanical Behavior of Materials (Creep, Superplasticity, Creep-Fatigue), Nanocrystalline Materials, Advanced Processing Techniques (Mechanical Alloying, Friction Stir Processing), Light Metals, Multi-functional Materials
Crepeau, John C. - Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering Chair, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Transition to turbulence in fluid flow and fluid stability; flow visualization; experimental and theoretical studies of drying and drying processes. Solidification of materials with internal heat generation.
Machleidt, Ruprecht - Ph.D. - Professor, Physics
Theoretical nuclear physics, theory of nuclear forces and nuclear matter, theoretical modeling of any kind.
Potirniche, Gabriel (Gabe) - Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Fatigue and fracture, constitutive modeling for metals and polymers, dynamic and impact loading, atomistic simulations, crystal plasticity, anisotropic plasticity, finite element method, solid mechanics
Utgikar, Vivek - Ph.D. - P.E., Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
Development of energy utilization systems - nuclear hydrogen production, utilization and safety; reactor-hydrogen production interface; energy analysis; electrochemical engineering and fuel cells.
Wai, Chien - Ph.D. - Professor, Chemistry
Supercritical fluid extraction; nanomaterials synthesis; environmental chemistry; separation chemistry.