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Register for Classes

All admitted and continuing University of Idaho students should register online and follow these steps:

  • Click on Student Information/Registration Menu 
  • Click on Registration Menu
  • Click on Add/Drop Classes
  • Enter class registration numbers (CRNs) and click Submit Changes button
  • Find CRNs in the Class Schedule

We highly recommend registering as early as possible because classes can fill quickly.

  • Registration for Fall semester starts in April and registration is open until classes begin in August.
  • Registration for Spring semester starts in November and registration is open until classes begin in January.
  • Registration for Summer semester starts in April and registration is open until classes begin.
  • Please check the Registration Schedule for the most current information.

Click here for help using VandalWeb to register for classes.

Need Help With Online Classes?

Idaho Falls Student Services – Alice Allen – 282-7816 or