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Milos Manic teaching

Milos Manic

Serbian with a Smile; Idaho Faculty Member Makes Mobile Devices Safer

In a crowd of scientists and engineers, it is more than Milos Manic’s bright smile that stands out.

Manic (pronounced MAWN-yich) has a lot to smile about with a long list of hobbies, accomplishments and gusto for life that makes his grin contagious.

An assistant professor in the University of Idaho’s College of Engineering computer science department, his research focuses on artificial neural networks (intelligent systems) fuzzy and genetic systems and decision support systems. His advanced expertise lies in network security, intrusion detection and forensics. Much of Manic’s work is in partnership with the Idaho National Laboratory and helps provide a secure technology infrastructure for their work.

“Computer science (CS) is much more than sitting at a computer writing code for hours at a time for uses unknown and not easily understood,” says Manic. “CS professionals perform leading research providing everyday security to conveniences such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and even helps preserve national security.”

In addition to his research, Manic teaches courses in Idaho Falls and through a videoconferencing system to students in other locations throughout Idaho and the world.

He is also the advisor for both masters and doctoral students in computer science and electrical/computer engineering in Idaho Falls and Boise. Manic was recently approved as a faculty member in the Neuroscience program at University of Idaho.

The Serbian native came to the University of Idaho as a student because of the high academic value of the university and quality of life Idaho provides. Manic says he believes graduate degree programs in the United States are unrivaled in the world.

“The chance to come to the University of Idaho was a chance to take advantage of its top engineering education,” says Manic.

After graduating from the University of Idaho and gaining teaching experience along the way, Manic saw opportunities in Idaho Falls he felt were a great match for his interests and his skills in developing relationships with research partners such as the Idaho National Laboratory. When asked about the quality of life change, he simply says “Ah, America” with a deep sigh of contentment.

Manic considers the University of Idaho a leader in computer security with established signature research in mobile device security (Bluetooth-type technology) and critical infrastructure protection.

Manic is not just passionate about science. He loves all things outdoors--particularly skiing. He is a member of the U.S. National Ski Patrol and has worked in Kelly Canyon, Bogus Basin and in Europe.

“I enjoy ski patrol because of the rewarding chance to help people in need. Ski patrol is a noble effort,” he says.

When not busy in the classroom or helping others on the slopes, Manic serves as a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Manic has received an array of recognition in his field. He was a chair for the IEEE conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications, in China, in 2007. At the conference, Manic was also featured as a presenter on computational intelligence. His presentation was chosen out of 950 applications. In September 2008, he served as co-chair for the IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation in Hamburg, Germany.

“Faculty members like Professor Manic are what has made our college great for the past century and will ensure its success for decades to come,” says Aicha Elshabini, dean of the College of Engineering.

Service for Manic also means service to the community. He is on the E-Commerce Subcommittee of the Eastern Idaho Partners for Prosperity. Manic and his committee work to reduce poverty by identifying resources, cultivating partnerships, and implementing actions to achieve prosperity in the 16 local counties and the Fort Hall Indian Reservation.

“Knowing you can be a part of something great and truly make a difference is one of life’s most rewarding aspects,” says Manic