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Students designing prototypes in the mechanical engineering CATIA lab.

Mechanical Engineering

The University of Idaho master’s and doctorate degrees in mechanical engineering (M.E.) prepare you for highly rewarding careers on the cutting edge of countless exciting fields ranging from aerospace, computer, automotive, construction and defense to biotechnology, robotics, and energy and thermal systems.

Because it’s the broadest of all engineering disciplines, a degree in mechanical egineering at the University of Idaho provides you with both a big-picture perspective of future opportunities as well as the diverse research experiences required to make the most of them.

Mechanical engineering students working on the snowmobile before the competition.

Mechanical engineering graduate students at Idaho have the unique opportunity to work in a variety of research areas, which is creating graduates that are highly valued and recruited by employers. Mechanical engineering alumni have become CEOs, entrepreneurs, astronauts, faculty, physicians, and patent attorneys.

Idaho's legacy in mechanical engineering started 106 years ago and continues to produce some of the world's most innovative leaders. Its strong curriculum and hands-on learning will equip you with the tools you'll need to take your career to the next level, whether it be in the workforce or in continuing education.

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