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The Department of Mathematics offers a Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics (M.A.T.) degree through Engineering Outreach (EO). It is designed primarily for certified teachers who wish to strengthen their subject matter preparation. (Receiving this degree does not give certification in high school teaching.) With appropriate choices of courses, the M.A.T. may qualify students to teach at some community colleges.

A baccalaureate degree in mathematics is generally required for admission to the graduate program; however, many students of science and technology can be admitted to the program with few undergraduate deficiencies. Students entering the M.A.T. program will be considered deficient if they have not completed a standard sequence in calculus (equivalent to Math 170-175-275).

The M.A.T. is a non-thesis degree requiring 30 credits of coursework. Under advisement of the major professor and committee, a broadly based study plan is designed taking into consideration the candidate's interests and teaching needs. The plan should include mathematics courses from several pure mathematics areas, for example: algebra, topology, analysis, geometry, and number theory.

At the conclusion of the M.A.T. coursework, students must satisfactorily pass a three-hour written comprehensive exam on the courses included in their study plans. This exam can be completed at a distance, so it is not necessary to come to the University of Idaho campus to complete any part of this degree program.

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