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Computer Science

The University of Idaho offers a thesis and nonthesis master of science in computer science (M.S.C.S.) and a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) in computer science. These advanced degrees prepare you to lead the discussion and development of advanced computer concepts and applications in science, engineering, business, the academic environment and in everyday life.

As a graduate student in the computer science program, you will learn the foundations of computer science theory and application and the interaction between the two. You’ll also gain an in-depth understanding of the current limitations of the field and learn how to apply methodical and inspired approaches to overcome these obstacles. Examples of upper-level graduate courses include:

  • Computational Biology - Sequence Analysis (CS 515): You’ll learn how to design and analyze algorithms that address the computational problems posed by biological sequence data, such as DNA or protein sequences.
  • Network Security (CS 538): You’ll learn practical topics in network security, such as policy and mechanism; malicious code; intrusion detection, prevention, response; and cryptographic techniques for privacy and integrity. You’ll explore trade-offs between risk of misuse, cost of prevention, and societal issues of network security with concepts implemented in programming assignments.
  • Advanced Computer Architecture (CS 551): You’ll learn about advanced hardware principles and alternatives in instruction set design, processor implementation techniques, pipelining, parallelism, memory hierarchy and I/O processing techniques and how these relate to software issues.
  • Neural Network Design (CS 578): You’ll be introduced to neural network architectures, and you’ll learn how neural networks are used to solve pattern recognition and control system problems.

With about 50 graduate students in the computer science program, the University of Idaho offers exceptional instruction with direct access to faculty and the opportunity to fully participate in pioneering research opportunities.

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