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Center for Advanced Energy Studies

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CAES Center for Advanced Energy Studies

Materials Science and Engineering

  • Develop new ways to fight cancer.
  • Create faster computer chips.
  • Design safer air bags for cars.

Prepare to make discoveries that improve lives with a graduate degree in materials science and engineering. The program equips you with the high-level technical knowledge and quality research experiences you need to address today’s most complicated industry problems. You’ll graduate prepared to make scientific contributions in the fields of electronic and magnetic materials, ceramics, aerospace materials and the newly emerging nanomaterials and biomaterials.

The University of Idaho is the only school in the state of Idaho that offers a full gamut of degrees in materials science and engineering.

Available graduate degrees include master of science (M.S.) in materials science and engineering and doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) in materials science and engineering.

The program includes a carefully crafted mix of theoretical and practical study, with flexibility to tailor the program to your interests.

Here, you work alongside internationally recognized faculty members who are engaged in leading research in such areas as biotechnology, nanotechnology, semiconductor processing, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), alternative and renewable energy resources, and more. You have access to modern laboratory facilities, including our small-scale clean room for semiconductor processing. We also have a full selection of state-of-the-art equipment, such as atomic-force scanning, tunneling microscopes and an X-ray diffractometer.

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