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Idaho Falls

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Summary of Programs in Idaho Falls

College of Education

  • Industrial Technology | B.S. with options in Health & Safety, Quality Assurance,Waste Management, Generalist
  • Industrial Technology Education | M.S. with an option in Health & Safety
  • Certificates | Emergency Planning and Management, Human Safety Performance and Nuclear Criticality Safety

College of Engineering

College of Letters Arts and Social Science

  • Environmental Science | B.S.Env.S. (option in Physical Science), M.S., or Ph.D.
  • Certificates | Environmental Contaminant Assessment or Environmental Water Science

College of Science

Interdisciplinary Degrees

Engineering Outreach

University of Idaho engineering outreach is a flexible, affordable solution for people interested in continuing their education at home or from the workplace. Ten complete graduate degree programs designed for full-time working professionals are delivered using a variety of media resources, including videotape, e-mail, Web, CD ROM, DVD, and printed materials. The following degrees and certificates are available through Engineering Outreach.

Applied Geotechnics
Structural Engineering
Water Resources Engineering
  • Computer Science Certificate | Secure & Dependable Computing Systems
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering Certificates
Analog Integrated Circuit Design
- Communication Systems
Electrical Machines & Drives
Power System Protection & Relaying
Semiconductor Theory & Devices
  • Mechanical Engineering Certificate | Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

College of Science

  • Teaching Mathematics | M.A.T.
  • Statistics Certificates
Six Sigma Innovation & Design

Online Degrees and Certificates

- Human Resource Development
- Fire Ecology, Management and Technology
- Restoration Ecology