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Mission and Vision

Idaho Falls Campus' Mission :

The University of Idaho in Idaho Falls delivers advanced education and research programs addressing state and national energy needs in partnership with the Idaho National Laboratory, industry, and other universities.

Idaho Falls Campus' Vision:

Within ten years, the University of Idaho in Idaho Falls will become a nationally recognized institution of choice for students, faculty, and researchers in selected science and engineering disciplines that support the nation’s energy future and homeland security.

The University of Idaho’s mission, role and Strategic Plan is found here.

University of Idaho's Mission:

Approved by the Idaho State Board of Education, August 2007.

1. Type of Institution

The University of Idaho is a high research activity, land-grant institution committed to undergraduate and graduate-research education with extension services responsive to Idaho and the region's business and community needs. The university is also responsible for regional medical and veterinary medical education programs in which the state of Idaho participates.

The University of Idaho will formulate its academic plan and generate programs with primary emphasis on agriculture, natural resources, metallurgy, engineering, architecture, law, foreign languages, teacher preparation and international programs related to the foregoing. The University of Idaho will give continuing emphasis in the areas of business, education liberal arts and physical, life, and social sciences, which also provide the core curriculum or general education portion of the curriculum.

2. Programs and Services

Baccalaureate Education: Offers a wide range of baccalaureate degrees and professional programs.

Graduate-Research: Offers a wide range of masters, doctoral and professional programs and also coordinates and conducts extensive research programs that are consistent with state needs.

Extension Services, Continuing Education and Distance Learning: Supports extension offices throughout the state in cooperation with federal, state and county governments, provides life-long learning opportunities and uses a variety of delivery methods to meet the needs of select, yet diverse constituencies in the state and region.

Associate Education: None

Certificates/Diplomas: Offers academic certificates representing a body of knowledge, that do not lead to a degree.

Technical and Workforce Training: None

3. Constituencies Served

The institution serves students, business and industry, the professions and public sector groups throughout the state and nation as well as diverse and special constituencies. The university also has specific responsibilities in research and extension programs related to its land-grant functions. The University of Idaho works in collaboration with other state postsecondary institutions in serving these constituencies