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United States Military Scholarships

The United States Air Force, Army, and Navy offer government scholarships to students who participate in their ROTC programs.

United States Army ROTC program offers scholarships from two to four years. Benefits include book and monthly stipends to help support cadets throughout the school year. Students can also participate in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) by joining the Idaho Army National Guard or the Army Reserves and go through college on a combination of ROTC and reservist's benefits. The University of Idaho now matches Army ROTC Scholarships with benefits as well. See the full details here. For more information contact University of Idaho Army ROTC at (208) 885-6528 or email for more information.

United States Air Force ROTC program offers scholarships to students who have at least two years remaining towards their bachelor degree when the scholarship starts. Air Force ROTC scholarship awards may be as follows: Type I: Pays tuition, books, fees, and a monthly stipend during the academic year. Type II: The same as Type I, except tuition costs are limited to $9,000 per year. Call: University of Idaho Unit Admissions Officer, AFROTC Detachment 905, at (208) 885-6129 or 1(800) 622-5088.

United State Navy/Marine ROTC program offers scholarships to students selected through national competition. These scholarships cover college tuition, lab fees, books, uniforms, and include a monthly stipend. Call: University of Idaho, Commanding Officer, Naval Science Department at (208) 885-6333.