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Student Financial Aid Services


Phone: (208) 885-6312

Toll Free: (888) 884-3246

Fax: (208) 885-5592

Bruce M. Pitman Center 101

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Mailing Address:

875 Perimeter Dr MS 4291

Moscow, ID 83844-4291

Office Hours: 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Red Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Scholarship Questions
  • Do you have questions about Scholarships and the scholarship awarding process?

    The University of Idaho offers more than $25 million in scholarship awards annually, making an Idaho education possible for any student who seeks it. Many options are available, with thousands of students from Idaho and throughout the nation receiving awards based on merit, financial need, outstanding achievement in specialized fields, or any combination of these criteria. Please visit our  Scholarship page for additional information.

General Questions
  • What can I do to maximize my aid package and when will I find out what aid I am qualified for?

    February 15th is the priority date for submitting application for admission and supporting documentation for new first year and transfer students to receive priority consideration for merit-based scholarships. Funding for some programs including federal grants and loans will continue to be available for late applications received after February 15. Please visit our Apply for Aid page for additional details.

  • How can I be charged in-state tuition?

    When you apply to the University of Idaho, the Admissions Office determines your status as a resident or non-resident for tuition purposes based upon your application. Residency is reviewed and determined with each admission application made to the university. Please visit the Registrar's Idaho residency page for additional details.

  • How can I determine how much I need to borrow?

    To determine your actual costs, please visit our financial planning worksheet. We encourage you to accept scholarships within three weeks of being awarded, but you may wait to accept loans until the billing statements are available on Vandal Web. You can determine your individual textbook costs by clicking on your registration link on Vandal Web and then selecting Book Express. Also, please keep in mind that the cost of attendance includes many estimated costs and your expenses will vary.

  • What if I change my mind about accepting my awards?

    Students who decline aid may submit a written request, click here for the form, to have it reinstated. All reinstatements are based on the availability of funds; however the Pell Grant and Direct Loan Programs are available throughout the year as long as the student is still eligible.

  • How can I find out how much I have borrowed in student loans?

    Students can access their Federal Student loan histories at the National Student Loan Data System. Students will need their federal pin to access their information. 

FAFSA Questions
  • My mother and father do not support me; am I considered an independent student?

    For federal financial aid purposes, an independent student must answer positively to one of the status questions below. Students who do not fit the federal definition are required to supply parental information and signatures to apply for federal aid.

    • Be at least 24 years of age before January 1 of the academic year for which you are applying

    • Be a married student

    • Be a graduate student      

    • Active duty military

    • Be a veteran of the armed forces

    • Have a child/children for whom you provide more than half their financial support

    • Have a legal dependent other than a spouse or child

    • Be an orphan or ward of the court

    • Be an emancipated minor

    • Under legal guardianship (other than parent), or homeless

    Student Financial Aid Services is required to have documentation from students to prove they meet the definition of independence.

  • I will be getting married. How should I fill out my FAFSA?

    We strongly encourage any undergraduate students who get married to contact their financial aid counselor. If students are not married as of the date they file the FAFSA, they must file as single. The  FAFSA can be updated once documentation of marriage is provided to a counselor. 

  • My mother and father are divorced. Which parent's income do I use?

    Students should report information on their FAFSA about the parent with whom they lived during the last calendar year. If a student did not live with either parent, the student should use the parent who gave them more financial support (including money, gifts, loans, housing, food, clothes, car, etc.) during the most recent year in which support was provided. If the parent whose information is reported has remarried, the student must also include the step-parent's income information. 

  • Will I be notified after I have submitted my FAFSA?

    Applicants who provide their e-mail address on their FAFSA will be sent e-mails containing a secure link to their Student Aid Report (SAR) information on the Web.  Students can see their Expected Family Contribution (EFC), income and asset information, National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) history information, database match results and all SAR comments associated with the transaction.

Billing Questions
  • Where can I see what I owe the University for tuition/fees and housing?

    Billing statements are sent in mid-July for new students enrolled for the fall semester. Students can also log in to VandalWeb to see charges including tuition and fees (wait-listed courses are not included) and housing charges (for those students who have contracted for a room with University Residences). Greek housing will bill students separately for sorority and fraternity housing.

    In addition to university charges, bills also show accepted financial aid awards for which the student qualifies, based on the number of credits they are currently registered for.

  • Does the University of Idaho offer a payment plan for fees/tuition and housing charges?

    A payment plan is available through Student Accounts. To sign up for a payment plan, log into Vandal Web, select Student Account Information, select Student Accounts Center, select Payment Plans. If you have additional questions, please contact Student Accounts

  • How do I arrange for direct deposit of my financial aid and scholarships?

    All students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit of their residual financial aid to their bank accounts. Please use the Direct Deposit Sign Up under Vandal Web Links on the Student Accounts home page. 

  • When and how will I get my money?

    Financial aid is first used to pay for UI charges (tuition, fees, residence halls, meal plans, etc).  If financial aid does not pay all UI charges, students must make arrangements with Student Accounts to cover the remaining balance. Students may place residual financial aid on their Vandal Card by signing up through Vandal Web.  Residual fund Vandal Card deposits are available on the first day of class. Direct deposits to bank accounts will begin by the first day of class. Residual funds may be picked up from Student Accounts on the first day of classes if the student has not selected direct deposit for the current academic year. Click here for additional information.

  • How do I make sure that my outside scholarships are credited to my student account?

    If you receive outside scholarships, please instruct the agency to send funds to the University of Idaho Office of Student Financial Aid by August 1st. Ask the agency to include your full name and UI student identification number with the check.

    You may use expected outside scholarship funds to help pay your account balance even if they are not listed on the bill.  You will be assessed a late fee if the check arrives after the first day of class and you have not made payment arrangements.

    Mail scholarship checks to:
    Student Financial Aid Services
    University of Idaho
    875 Perimeter Drive, MS 4291
    Moscow, ID 83844-4291

  • Why don't I see my work-study award listed on the billing statement?

    College Work-Study recipients receive a paycheck every two weeks for work performed and can earn up to the amount of their award over the course of the academic year. New students should attend a Work Study Orientation Session at the beginning of the term to complete the appropriate paperwork for their job.

Financial Aid Questions
  • What do I do if my financial situation changes?

    Changes in income, household size, marital status, enrollment, or excessive medical expenses should be communicated to Student Financial Aid Services at 1-888-8UIDAHO (885-6312) or by e-mail

  • What is Cost of Attendance (COA)?

    Cost of Attendance (COA) for the year includes the actual cost of full-time tuition and fees (and tuition for non-residents), and estimated costs for books and supplies, room and board, personal expenses, and transportation.  An average budget is constructed to represent the usual cost for attending the University of Idaho.

  • Will scholarships and other resources impact my financial aid awards?

    Scholarships are used in calculating eligibility for federal aid.  Financial need is reduced as a result of scholarships and other resources.  The amount of a federal award (with the exception of the Pell Grant) will be reduced or cancelled if the student has negative need.

  • Can I lose my eligibility for financial aid because of a low GPA or taking too few credits?

    Satisfactory Academic Progress - Students at the University of Idaho must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to receive federal student financial aid.

    Students change their federal/state financial aid eligibility when:

    • Loan eligibility is based on taking at least a half-time academic load (6 credits per semester for undergraduates, 5 credits per semester for graduate/law students). Note that loan repayment begins when not enrolled at least half-time.

    • If you are an undergraduate student taking fewer than 12 credits and were awarded Pell Grants, you will receive a pro-rated award based on the number of credit hours on the census date. 

    • Students are expected to satisfactorily complete a minimum percentage of credits at a minimum grade point average to retain eligibility for aid.  Students who have been declared ineligible for future aid due to unsatisfactory academic progress may appeal (petition) to reestablish financial aid eligibility. 

  • What if I withdraw from school?

    Students who withdraw from all classes during a semester may find that their aid has been decreased or cancelled and a repayment of some aid may be due. Notification will be sent to the student regarding their new aid amounts.  Any repayment must be resolved with Student Accounts before the student may re-enroll for a subsequent term.

    Students who withdraw from all classes may also be suspended from receiving future financial aid because the student did not meet the criteria for satisfactory academic progress toward a degree. Students who withdraw in the fall semester and plan to re-enroll spring semester at UI should notify Financial Aid to ensure that their aid will be available. 

  • How can I use my financial aid to pay for my books?
    Residual funds can be deposited to your Vandal Card, and these funds can be available for use a week prior to class. Please use the Vandal Card Deposit under Vandal Web Links on the Student Accounts home page.

    When you order your books at the Vandal Store you are given the option of paying with your Vandal Card, and the bookstore will charge your account when your residual is available.