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Mechanical Engineering
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Engineering Physics (EP)
Room 324K

875 Perimeter Drive MS 0902
Moscow, ID 83844-0902


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Idaho Water Center
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Idaho Falls

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Distance Education

Engineering Outreach
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Karen R. Den Braven, Ph.D.

Office: EP 115C
Phone: 208-885-7655
Email: kdenb@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: 875 Perimeter Drive, MS 0901

Moscow, Idaho 83844-0901

College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Professor and Director of NIATT

Home Town: North Carolina
Campus Locations: Moscow
With UI Since 1987

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Design and installation of geothermal or ground-coupled heat pump systems
    • Alternative snowmobile design
  • Selected Publications
    • Findlay, A., Harker, N., and Den Braven, K., “Brake Specific Fuel Consumption and Power Advantages for a Turbocharged Two-Stroke Direct-Injected Engine,” accepted for publication, ASME Paper IMECE2008-68371, November 2008.
    • Johnson, J., and Den Braven, K., “Comparison of Homogeneous, Stratified and High-Squish Stratified Combustion in a Direct-Injected Two-Stroke Engine”, SAE2008-32-0030, Society of Automotive Engineers, September 2008. Also presented at the SAE Small Engines Technology Conference, Milwaukee, September 2008.
    • Johnson, J., Harker, N., Findlay, A., and Den Braven, K., “University of Idaho’s Clean Snowmobile Design Using A Direct-Injection Two-Stroke Engine”, Paper No. SAE2008-32-0031; also presented at the Society of Automotive Engineers Small Engine Technology Conference, Milwaukee, September 2008.
    • Johnson, J. and Den Braven, K., “Comparison of Stratified and Homogeneous Combustion in a Direct-Injected Two-Stroke Engine for Snowmobile Applications”, ASME Internal Combustion Engines Division Technical Conference, April 2008,
    • Den Braven, K. and Harker, N., Invited Paper: “Combining Education and Technology: the University of Idaho’s Clean Snowmobile Team”, submitted to World Congress of the Society of Automotive Engineers, April 2008.
    • Bradbury, N., Findlay, A, and Den Braven K., “Developing a Turbocharged Gasoline Direct-Injection Two-Stroke Engine for Snowmobile”, Society of Automotive Engineers, 06SETC-144, 2006.
    • Bradbury, N., Findlay, A., Johnson, J., Van Patten, E., and Den Braven K., “University of Idaho's Clean Snowmobile Design Using a Direct-Injection Two-Stroke Engine”, Society of Automotive Engineers, 06SETC-134, 2006.
    • Den Braven, K., Bradbury, N., Schiermeier, R., and Harris, T., “University of Idaho’s Clean Snowmobile Design Using a Direct-Injection Two-Stroke,” Society of Automotive Engineers, Paper No. 05-01-3680, October 2005.
  • Outreach Projects
    • Associate Editor, ASME Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, 2000-present
    • Peer Reviewer for:
      • ASHRAE “Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump Design”, Professional Short Course ASME Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, 1989-present
      • ASHRAE Transactions, 1988-91, 1994-present
      • ASME Energy Resources Journal, 1992, 1996-present
      • ASME Winter Annual Meeting, 1988-present
      • ASME Solar Energy Conference, 1988-present
    • Presenter for “Expanding Your Horizons,” presenting engineering opportunities to junior high school students, 1990 and 1991
    • Conducted workshops on the design of solar cookers and dehydrators to local student groups, 1992
    • Presenter at the Idaho Science Teachers Association (ISTA) Conference on using alternative energy projects in the classroom, 1992
  • Awards and Honors
    • Clean Snowmobile Challenge, “Yellowstone Award for Second Place”, and awards for Quietest Snowmobile, Most Pleasing Sounding Snowmobile, Best Acceleration, Best Technical Presentation, and Kreider Award for Best Written IC Paper, Society of Automotive Engineers Ninth Annual CSC, Houghton, Michigan, March, 2008.
    • Clean Snowmobile Challenge “First Place” and awards for “Best Performance,” “Best Fuel Economy,” “Best Ride,” “Best Design,” “Best Value,” Best Handling,” “Most Sportsmanlike,” and “Most Improved.” Society of Automotive Engineers Eighth Annual CSC, Houghton, Michigan, March, 2007.
    • Naval ROTC Battalion of the University of Idaho and Washington State University
      Faculty Excellence Award, 2007.
    • UI Engineering Expo: Booth Award and Technical Session Award for the Clean Snowmobile Team, 2007.
    • American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Named Fellow of ASME, 2003
    • Faculty Alumni Award for Excellence: By Tariq Khraishi, 1993; By Traci Hanegan, 1993

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