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Fatih Aydogan

Fatih Aydogan

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Mailing Address: Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES)
995 University Blvd.
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401

College of Engineering
Asst. Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear Engineering Program

Campus Locations: Idaho Falls

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Nuclear Reactor Engineering, Design and Safety
    • Heat Transfer especially Mechanistic 2Phase Flow Heat Transfer Models
    • Computational-Experimental in Thermal Hydraulics
    • Development of Nuclear System Codes (RELAP5, TRACE, COBRA-TF, COBRA/TRAC)
    • Development and Analyses of Nuclear Systems (RCS, ECCS, etc)
    • Interation of Alternative Energy (Wind, Solar, Nuclar, Hybrid, etc)
    • Uncertainty, Verification and Validation of Nuclear Computational Tools
  • Biography
    • Professor Aydogan came to the University of Idaho from the Westinghouse Electric Company. Since 2008 he has been developing Westinghouse Small Modular Reactor Design, Computational Thermal Hydraulics Codes and Methodologies as well as analyzing existing and passive safe reactors. His research areas are mainly computational thermal hydraulics, two-phase flow, nuclear safety, nuclear system design and analysis, uncertainty and best-estimate methodologies, sub-channel analysis and small modular reactors. Aydogan is currently leading the Advanced Nuclear Systems Group (ANSG). 
  • Selected Publications
    • F. Aydogan, Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification of a Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics Code,IMECE, ASME, 63021, 2013
    • G. Roth, F. Aydogan,, Assessment of RELAP5-3D for Future Reactor Designs, IRUG, INL, 2013
    • F. Aydogan, Development of Uncertainty Modules for a Sub-Channel Code, ANS, 108, 984-987, 2013
    • C. Robison, F. Aydogan, Evaluation of HX Designs for a High Temperature Small Modular Reactor (SMR), SMR-2013, 8765, 2013
    • G. Roth, F. Aydogan, Comprehensive Analyses Nuclear Safety System Codes, IMECE, ASME, 63773, 2013
    • F. Aydogan, Advanced Coupled Surge-Line Separator Plate for Integral PWR (ACSSP), US-Pending Patent, 13/476,191
    • F. Aydogan, C. Frepoli, Rod-to-Rod Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer Contribution Under Post CHF Conditions, Advances in Thermal Hydraulics (ATH'12), 50-59, 2012
    • F. Aydogan, L. E. Hochreiter, K. Ivanov, “Development of Penn State Uncertainty Methodology (PSUM) (Part I),” -Nuclear Engineering and Design, BFBT Special Issue(Accepted).
    • F. Aydogan, L. E. Hochreiter, K. Ivanov, “Development of PIRT for Steady State Void Distribution and Critical Power and Determination of Corresponding CDF for COBRA-TF (RBHT) (Part II),” -Nuclear Engineering and Design, BFBT Special Issue (Accepted).
    •  F. Aydogan, L. E. Hochreiter, K. Ivanov, “The Uncertainty Analysis of the COBRA-TF BWR Sub-channel and Bundle Void Distribution Prediction by Using the PSUM (Part III),” -Nuclear Engineering and Design, BFBT Special Issue (Accepted).
    • F. Aydogan, L. E. Hochreiter, K. Ivanov, “The COBRA-TF BWR critical power uncertainty analysis with The Penn State Uncertainty Methodology (PSUM) (Part IV),” -Nuclear Engineering and Design, BFBT Special Issue(Accepted).
    • Other Publications can be seen from the link: http://scholar.google.com/citations?sortby=pubdate&hl=en&user=Qyd6St8AAAAJ&view_op=list_works;
  • Research Projects
    • “Development of Conservative 2Phase Flow Field Equations for RELAP/SCDAPSIM”, research in progress.
    • “Development Mechanistic Heat Transfer Models”,research in progress.
    • “Development Realistic RELAP5 Code”,research in progress.
    • “Effective ECCS Systems for LW - Small Modular Reactors,” research in progress.

  • Awards and Honors
    • Westinghouse Patent Award for the Small Modular Reactor Patent, 2012
    • 1st Rank with 4/4 GPA among Computer Science Master Students in Hacettepe University.