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The department offers a Certificate of Completion in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems and is designed to provide engineers with a concentrated focus on HVAC. The Certificate consists of mechanical engineering and architecture graduate courses aimed at engineers who want to learn about more formal approaches to the design and implementation of heating and air-conditioning systems. Along with the course work, the Certificate includes a 1-credit project that will be arranged with the Certificate of Completion Coordinator. The focus will be on an applied industrial project. A total of 13 credits are required to obtain the certificate. Students are not required to be actively pursuing a graduate degree in order to participate in a certification program. General graduate admission requirements apply, along with departmental requirements as listed in the departmental graduate handbook.

Prior to starting work on a Certificate of Completion, students must have completed an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering or a closely related field, as approved by the Department Chair in consultation with the Certificate of Completion Coordinator. Course credits earned as an undergraduate student may not be applied toward a Certificate of Completion. Contact the Certificate of Completion Coordinator for course alternatives, if you successfully completed any of the courses required for the Certificate of Completion as part of your undergraduate degree program.

If you enroll as a graduate student, you can include the Certificate of Completion courses as part of your study plan. If you register as a non-degree student, you can enhance your knowledge in this area without seeking a graduate degree, and simultaneously build a strong foundation if you decide to work toward a master’s degree at a future date. Up to 12 approved credits taken as a non-degree seeking student may be transferred into a graduate program. Although the courses listed are routinely included in the graduate curricula for mechanical engineering, students considering transferring credits into the graduate program must contact the department of Mechanical Engineering for early advising.

Course Selection

The HVAC Systems Certificate of Completion consists of the following courses. The 500-level (graduate) courses may require additional prerequisites or permission from the instructor prior to registration. Refer to the University of Idaho General Catalog at http://www/uidaho.edu/catalog for course descriptions and prerequisite requirements. Students must earn a grade of ’B’ or better in each class to qualify for the Certificate of Completion. If you are considering this Certificate of Completion, you must contact the Certificate of Completion Coordinator prior to registration.

Required Courses (10 credits)

  • ME 414/514 HVAC Systems 3cr
  • ME 422 Applied Thermodynamics 3cr
  • ME 444 Air Conditioning Engineering 3cr
  • ME 502 Directed Study: Project (to be arranged) 1cr

Electives (3 credits)

  • ME 443(S) Special Topic: Solar Energy 3cr
  • ARCH 463 Environmental Control Systems I (without lab) 3cr
  • ARCH 464 Environmental Control Systels II (without lab) 3cr
  • ME 481 Control Systems 3cr

For additional information, please contact Judi Steciak at 208-364-4938, or by e-mail jsteciak@uidaho.edu.