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Current Students

Critical Guidelines:

At least 15 of the 30 credits required for the degree must be engineering courses. No more than 12 credits can be from transfer, over age, and 400 level courses or credits taken before being admitted into the program; in total. Most students like to take 400 level courses or transfer courses from other schools into their program. Be careful how you use this precious resource.

A course will not count towards graduation if you earn a grade of D. There are several other guidelines that pertain to your degree pursuit. These are the ones that seem to have the most importance to students. Check the graduate catalog for complete and current information.


15 of the 30 credits are required. If a student wishes to substitute another course for EM 510, ACCT 582, or BUS 513, permission will be granted provided the content is also covered by the substituting course. This situation occurs most often in courses taken at other universities. If the student already has taken the equivalent of STAT 401, another statistics class will be substituted. No substitutions are allowed for EM 599. 15 of the 30 credits are of the student’s choosing, within the elective guidelines, so substitution is not an issue.


It is your right to petition anything about the program. Given all of the flexibility currently in the program, however, there is not much, if any, wiggle room beyond what you see here.