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It has long been recognized that engineers who move from technical specialties to technical management responsibilities need additional management education. Two out of three engineers are spending the last two thirds of their careers as managers. Basic management principles have become a valid interest for all engineers as involvement in some level of managerial responsibility is an inevitable component of most engineering careers. A substantial improvement in engineers' managerial skills can be provided in a formal education process, preferably undertaken after the engineer's first exposure to management challenges in the workplace.

Employers are prepared to pay attractive salaries to an engineer with appropriate managerial skills. The Engineering Management program is designed to provide the information that is needed by a practicing engineer who is moving into management positions in technical organizations. This career preparation allows the engineer to remain in professional engineering practice and yet be prepared to handle management responsibilities in a technical environment.

Resident and affiliate faculty instructors teach some of the courses in Moscow, Idaho Falls, and Boise. Courses are delivered live, through interactive compressed video, and online through the College's Engineering Outreach program. So if you travel a lot or change locations while earning your degree, the program can follow you! Internet tools enhance interaction between instructors, local students, and distance students.

Graduates are prepared for the management of technical activities in business, industry, or government. The University of Idaho engineering and business faculty bring a blend of practical experience to the classroom from academia and industry.

The program incorporates advanced technical learning with managerial skill training that is necessary for an efficient manager in a technical organization.