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Degree Requirements

The Engineering Management master’s degree requires 30 credits; a minimum of 15 credits must be engineering courses.  You will earn a M. Engr. degree with an option to complete either a master’s project with an oral exam or take an additional elective and written comprehensive exam in lieu of the project.  Degree requirements follow a variety of policies regarding transfer credits from other universities.  Students work with their advisers to discuss transferability of other courses.

Required Courses—12 credits

  • Engineering and Technology Management Fundamentals – EM 510
  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior – BUS 513
  • Enterprise Accounting – ACCT 582
  • Statistics – STAT 431

Quantitative Electives—6 credits

  • 500-level engineering courses that contain a focus on quantitative analysis of an engineering subject

Qualitative Electives

  • 400-level or higher courses from engineering, business, math, or statistics that are focused on management, process, and/or qualitative content

Study Plan Options

  • Project: 3 credits of EM 599 Master's Project with presentation and oral comprehensive exam
    • Study plan would include 27 credits of coursework plus the 3 credits of EM 599
  • Comprehensive exam: 1 credit of EM 596 Capstone Integration (requires additional coursework to meet graduation credit requirements)
    • Study plan would include 30 credits of coursework plus the 1 credit of EM 596