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Degree Requirements

The Engineering Management degree requires 30 credits; a minimum of 15 credits must be engineering courses.

Required Courses  - 12 credits

  • EM 510 Engineering and Technology Management Fundamentals
  • Bus 513 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • Acct 582 Enterprise Accounting
  • Stat 431 or equivalent

Quantitative Electives – 6 credits

500-level engineering courses that contain a focus on quantitative analysis of an engineering subject.

Quantitative Electives describe the majority of traditional graduate courses in each engineering discipline subjects such as thermodynamics, elasticity, heat transfer, structures, waste water, power systems, CMOS, etc. They have a focus on analysis to understand the behavior of a physical system. Six to nine credits are required to add some technical depth to your graduate experience. Typically students choose courses in their field because this is where they have the necessary background and interest. It is your responsibility to make sure you meet the prerequisites for these courses. If you have questions you should talk to the professor or hosting department.

Qualitative Electives - 12 credits

A student may elect to conduct a three-credit master’s project (EM 599) as part of the 12 credit qualitative elective requirement. For those students not doing a project, the 1 credit comprehensive exam (EM596) is required. 

Qualitative Electives are course that focus on management or process. They tend to be light on analysis and behavior of physical systems. In fact, they tend to apply to all fields. These courses come from business, engineering, math, and statistics. They cover subjects such as quality, project management, six sigma, law, and so forth. Examples are (but not limited to):

  • EM 486 Software Assisted Project Management
  • EM 504 Lean Manufacturing
  • EM582 Advanced Project Engineering
  • BUS 456/504 Quality Management
  • BUS 531 Design for Six Sigma
  • BLAW 420 Commercial Law
  • CE482 Project Engineering

The Comprehensive Exam is required of all students and must be successfully passed in order to graduate. (This has always been a requirement of the EM program.) For those students doing a project, the comp exam will be oral in conjunction with the project presentation and graded pass or fail. The comp exam primarily covers the project but will also include some aspects of coursework the student has taken for the degree, focused on the required courses. For the student who chooses not to do a project, the comp exam will be a two-hour written, proctored exam. It will cover all aspects of coursework the student has taken for the degree, focused on the required courses. The exam will be graded as pass or fail and is open book/notes.