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Engineering Management program

Engineering Management

Why Engineering Management?

Bridging the Gap between Engineering and Business

Engineering Management is a multidisciplinary field that involves the application of engineering methods and technologies with business approaches to solve today’s complex and challenging problems.  This program bridges the gap between engineering and business by equipping engineers with the expertise and leadership skills needed to advance their career in today’s fast-paced world.  Students will expand their breadth of knowledge beyond a specific technical field into management and business.   Business knowledge, organization insights, and communication skills will be integrated with technical knowledge to develop proficient managers and leaders of projects, operations, organizations, and people.

Why the University of Idaho?

Designed for Working Professionals

The Engineering Management program at the University of Idaho is a distance education program for engineering professionals that want to progress in their careers.  It is a multidisciplinary program giving students the opportunity to explore the analytical, technical, and human resource aspects of managing in a technical environment.  The program is designed to ensure continued technical growth while integrating a broad set of business and engineering management courses to prepare the engineer for extensive management responsibilities.  Students come from diverse backgrounds in industry, government, and military.  The University of Idaho faculty bring a blend of practical experience to the classroom from academia and industry.

Program Delivery

Faculty and instructors teach courses at U of I locations in Moscow, Idaho Falls, and Boise.  Courses may be delivered live, online via the web, or produced for online delivery by Engineering Outreach (EO).  EO courses are accessible within 2 hours after production.  If you want the flexibility to watch classes at your convenience, this program can meet your needs.

Named One of the Best Programs in the Nation

UI Engineering Management has been named one of the top 50 degree programs of its kind in the country. Often called “The Engineer’s MBA,” a master’s degree in Engineering Management bridges the gap between engineering and management. More

Good Career Opportunities

Engineering managers are #6 on the top 20 list of best paying jobs in the 21st century according to careerbuilder.com