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Professor of Materials Science & Nuclear Engineering Indrajit Charit

Indrajit Charit, Ph.D.

Office: McClure Hall, Room 405D
Phone: (208) 885-5964
Email: icharit@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: c/o Chemical & Materials Engineering Department
P.O. Box 443024
Moscow, Idaho 83844-3024

College of Engineering
Chemical & Materials Engineering Department
Associate Professor

Campus Locations: Moscow
With UI Since 2007

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Microstructure-Property Correlations
    • Nuclear Materials
    • High Temperature Mechanical Behavior of Materials (Creep, Superplasticity, Creep-Fatigue)
    • Nanocrystalline Materials
    • Advanced Processing Techniques (Mechanical Alloying, Friction Stir Processing)
    • Light Metals
    • Multi-functional Materials
  • Biography

    Dr. Charit joined the Materials Science and Engineering program in July 2007. He is also an affiliated faculty member in the Nuclear Engineering Graduate Program. Recently, he has won “Outstanding Young Faculty Award” from the College of Engineering for year 2008-2009.

    He developed and taught a new graduate course, “Microstructural Design for Advanced Materials” in spring 2009. His first M.S. student, Sean McCormick, graduated from the MSE program in July 2009.

    Dr. Charit has recently won a three-year Nuclear Energy University Program (NE-UP) funding (UI portion: $336,122). In this project, Dr. Charit and students will develop a novel fabrication route for tungsten-rhenium alloys, which will have implications for the development of advanced space nuclear reactors. The project has collaborators from the Boise State University and Idaho National Laboratory.

    He is also a co-PI on another NE-UP project that will focus on the creep fracture behavior of Grade 91 steels. Recently, an advanced pressure resistance welding machine has been purchased using funds from a DOE grant, which is expected to help develop new research programs in future.

    Dr. Charit is involved in various outreach activities. Phillip Maddi, a student attending the 'TRIO Upward Bound Math Science (TUBMS) program, spent about two weeks in Summer 2009 working in Dr. Charit's Lab with graduate student Kalyan Chitrada on an exciting composite fabrication project.

    • Selected Publications
      • C.S. Seok, B. Marple, Y.J. Song, S. Gollapudi, I. Charit and K.L. Murty, "High Temperature Deformation Characteristics of ZirloTM Tubing via Ring Creep and Burst Tests," Nuclear Engineering and Design, in press (2009).
      • M. Faheem, S. McCormick* and I. Charit, “Microstructural and DSC Studies of Alloy 718TM Plus,” Thermochimica Acta, in press (2009).
      • K.L. Murty and I. Charit, "Structural Materials for Gen-IV Reactors: Challenges and Opportunities," Journal of Nuclear Materials, 383 (1-2) (2008) 189-195.
      • S. Gollapudi, V. Bhosle, I. Charit and K.L. Murty, "Newtonian Viscous Creep in Ti-3Al-2.5V," Philosophical Magazine, 88 (9) (2008) 1357-1367.
      • K.L. Murty and I. Charit, "Static Strain Aging and Dislocation-Impurity Interactions in Irradiated Mild Steel," Journal of Nuclear Materials, 382 (2-3) (2008) 217-222.
      • S. Gollapudi, I. Charit, and K.L. Murty, "Creep Mechanisms in Ti-3Al-2.5V alloy tubing deformed under closed end internal pressurization," Acta Materialia, 56 (2008) 2406-2419.
      • I. Charit and R.S. Mishra, "Abnormal Grain Growth in Friction Stir Processed Alloys," Viewpoint Paper, Scripta Materialia, 58 (2008) 367-371.
      • I. Charit and K.L. Murty, "Creep Behavior of Niobium-Modified Zirconium Alloys," Journal of Nuclear Materials, in 374 (2008) 354-363.
    • Awards and Honors
      • Recipient of the 'Outstanding Young Faculty Award' from the College of Engineering, University of Idaho, for year 2008-2009
      • Elected a 'Key Reader' to the Board of Review of the international journal, Metallurgical andMaterials Transactions A (March 2008)
      • Secured all-India 3rd rank in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), Metallurgy Stream, and received First Class with distinction in the M.E. class of 2000
      • Secured 1st rank in the B.E. graduating class, awarded ‘Vidyabharati Prize’ from Indian Institute of Metals and ‘Indranil Award’ from Mining, Metallurgical and Geological Institute of India
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