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Mission, Goals and Objectives

The mission of the Chemical Engineering Program is to provide quality educational programs firmly based in fundamental concepts and to perform and publish outstanding chemical engineering research.
The goals of the Chemical Engineering Program are:
  1. to prepare students with a broad-based education grounded in chemical engineering fundamentals,
  2. to maintain an environment that promotes effective student/faculty involvement in teaching, research, and mentoring,
  3. to promote an active interaction with regional industries, and
  4. to graduate students capable of independent learning.

In addition, the educational objective of the Chemical Engineering program is to prepare students who:

  1. are well grounded in the fundamentals of chemical engineering,
  2. can understand, analyze, and design efficient processes,
  3. are proficient in the oral and written communication of their work and ideas,
  4. are able to work in multidisciplinary teams in conjunction with their design, formulation of problems, and conducting of experiments,
  5. understand the safety and environmental consequences of their work, and
  6. are instilled with a sense of social responsibility, ethics, and a commitment to life-long learning.

Progress towards these goals and objectives is assessed by student performance on the nationally administered Fundamentals in Engineering Examination, exit interviews with graduating students, and surveys of graduated students and their employers.

The educational objectives of the Material Science and Engineering are to educate graduates who will:

  1. Use their mathematics and science background to formulate and solve engineering problems.
  2. Remain current in modern technology and in tools of engineering practice.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of current economic and societal issues associated with engineering projects and their impacts.
  4. Be able to communicate effectively with engineers and non-engineers while working independently or on teams to develop engineering solutions.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities as engineers and uphold their responsibility to the public and occupational health and safety.
  6. Demonstrate the importance of life-long learning and continued professional growth.