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Chemical Engineering lab

About Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering undergraduate degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org. The program combines the science of chemistry with the discipline of engineering in order to solve problems and to increase process efficiency. One of the most attractive aspects of a chemical engineering future is the variety of work available. The Chemical Engineering Program is a blend of physics, chemistry, and mathematics; thus, a chemical engineer possesses a versatility that gives him or her many opportunities for employment in fields such as pulp and paper, environmental engineering, food products, nuclear power, petroleum and petrochemicals, semiconductors, synthetic fuels, radioisotope applications, plastics and polymers, pharmaceuticals, education, biomedical engineering, computer applications, alternate energy sources, steel, nano technology and textiles. A chemical engineer can choose work in any of the following areas: research and development, design and construction, operations, management, teaching, or technical sales.

The faculty of the Chemical Engineering Program is dedicated to excellence in teaching. It is the faculty's goal to provide the students with a strong, well-rounded background for immediate entry into the industrial workforce or for graduate study. This background includes the theoretical aspects of chemical engineering as well as practical work experiences.

Proof that the program's goals are being achieved is in the job-placement statistics for chemical engineers from the University of Idaho. Most receive job offers before graduation and many graduates now hold high-level technical and management positions in industry, government, and academia.