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  • What is the difference between a poster display and a presentation for Undergraduate students?

    Undergraduate students may choose to compete with either a poster display or a presentation of their research or artistic/creative activities project.

    For the poster display, the student will create a poster based on the research or artistic/creative category description and judging criteria. If selected, the student will bring his/her poster to the Innovation Showcase on the day of the event and will leave the poster to be reviewed by the judges. Students may be present during the hour of 12:00 to 1:00 pm to answer questions of Innovation Showcase visitors, however, students’ posters will be judged based on the information provided on the poster. The poster must be able to answer the questions presented by judges. This may be considered a “silent” competition as the poster should speak for itself.

    The presentation is an oral presentation of the students’ research or artistic/creative activities. Students may choose whichever method they prefer in sharing the information. In the past, students have chosen to speak from their poster or conduct a power point presentation. For artistic/creative activities projects, students may bring in actual pieces of their work, i.e. paintings, sculptures. It is important to note that students are responsible for the transportation of their pieces, including the set-up and take-down of their displays within their selected presentation timeframe.

  • What methods may be used for explaining projects when given through an oral presentation?

    Students may choose whichever method they feel explains their project to its fullest extent. This includes speaking from a poster, conducting a power point presentation or for artistic/creative activities, bringing in actual pieces of the student’s work, i.e. painting, sculptures, models.

  • It says awards will be given in the form of scholarships. How does this affect me if I am selected and I am not planning to return to the University of Idaho next semester?
    Awards will be processed and applied to your student account as a scholarship. Given that all fees, holds, etc. have been paid from your student account, the scholarship will show as a credit. From there a check will be issued and dispersed to you.
  • If I am a student from an off-site location, am I still eligible to participate if I conduct an oral presentation?
    Yes – all students are eligible to apply to participate in the Innovation Showcase. If selected, you may choose to travel (at your own expense) to the main campus in Moscow, or contact Sam Koester to seek accommodation to conduct your oral presentation via video-conferencing.
  • Where do I submit my information to be pre-screened?

    Please submit all information to Sam Koester via the online student registration form by Friday, April 3, 2015.

    If you are applying to compete in the Undergraduate Poster display, please submit a .pdf of your poster.

    If you are applying to compete in the Graduate or Undergraduate Presentation competition, the abstract submitted with your registration is all that is needed for the pre-screening.

  • Who is conducting the pre-screening?
    A diverse group comprised of faculty, staff and students will conduct the pre-screening process.
  • What are the deadlines for the applying and receiving notification of participation in the Innovation Showcase?
    Registration deadline: April 3, 2015
    * If you submitted an application to present a poster, a .pdf of your poster needs to be submitted by April 1 for the selection committee to review.

    Poster & Presentation Selection: April 4, 2015
    All poster and presentation registrations will be pre-screened by a selection committee and final Innovation Showcase participants will be selected to compete.

    Final Innovation Showcase Participant Notification: April 9, 2015
    Notification of acceptance to participate in the Innovation Showcase will be emailed to participants. Schedules will be determined at this time as well.

    Innovation Showcase: April 22, 2015
    Competition to be held throughout the day in the Idaho Commons, Moscow campus. Reception and awards ceremony will be held in the evening.
  • Where will the Innovation Showcase take place?
    The Innovation Showcase will be held on April 22, 2015. Competition to be held throughout the day in the Idaho Commons, Moscow campus. Reception and awards ceremony will be held in the evening.
  • How many students are eligible to participate in each category?
    Up to 16 presentations in each category (interdisciplinary, disciplinary, artistic/creative activities) for graduate and undergraduate oral presentations will be selected to participate.

    Up to 24 undergraduate poster display participants will be selected to participate.

  • What are appropriate topics for presentations and posters?
    Any completed or on-going research conducted during your course of study at the University of Idaho, including any senior thesis projects.
  • Who makes up the judges panel?
    Faculty and staff comprise the judging panels for the poster and presentation competitions. It is important to note that the judges come from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise and that your presentation should reflect your ability to share the information with a general audience for full comprehension of your project.