One Man's Trash is Another Man's Art

Jeffrey Hutchinson, Art

Third Place: Graduate Artistic & Creativity Activity Presentation

Abstract: Can a thing that is thrown away be considered a work of art by itself or is there more that is required and who decides?    In my work I have been repurposing materials that would have been thrown away and I make paintings using nontraditional approaches.  I have sought to have a unique voice to my work and still give respect to the old traditions.  I have found some success and yet still want more.  My next venture in my work will be pulling it into the 3rd dimension while still using materials that are considered waste; my work brings a new adventure everyday.  Most of the materials I recover are found in construction site piles…there is a lot of waste that is very usable from these piles.  I always collect any piece of wood that I think can be reused, especially hardwoods and I always collect the unused paint; you will see this becomes the foundation to most of my works.    I think that art is always in the eye of the beholder, but the one who can decide if a work is art; is only the artist who made it.  There are many who profess to know and many who will disagree with my assessment, but despite what everyone says it still comes down to the individual who made it.