Myths in Ruins

Devon Mozdierz, Art

Second Place: Graduate & Artistic Creativity Activity Presentation

Abstract: Historian Christopher Woodward states that, “the interest of a ruin rarely lies in its reality” rather, a “ruin is a dialogue between an incomplete reality and the imagination of the spectator.”  My studio research perseverates on the dialogue between what humans leave behind and the relationship they have with the surrounding environment. Through the medium of oil paint and printmaking I focus on how the ‘man made’ and natural world interact over time and allow for myth to be created. The structures I render pose the question of “what was and why” and prompt the viewer to explore different answers to these questions. It is in asking these questions that we can deepen our understanding of the surrounding environment. When we see human evidence in a place we view as wild, we feel all the closer to it through the story that the ruins evoke.  My recent body of work studies myth through ruins which function as thresholds. There are barriers in my work, but once crossed there is an expansive horizon which implies a journey. In the same way that we can physically cross a threshold and commence on a journey, my prints prompt a mental one. They leave the viewer to question the environment they are looking at, and this allows for that dialogue between the “incomplete reality and the imagination” that Woodward speaks of.