2014 Award Winners

Undergraduate Posters

First Place:
Amelia Marek, Ellie Marek; Architecture
"The Ivory Tower
Second Place:
Jeffrey Dill, Microbiology
Is DSCAM Overexpression Sufficient for Producing Phenotypical Changes in Mouse Brain Tissue?
Third Place:
Haley Egan, Environmental Science
Andean Bear Non-Invasive Genetic-Sampling
Undergraduate Presentations
First Place:
Anton Jiracek, Chrissy Winger, Josh Finley, Broadcasting and Digital Media
“A Wandering Life” Read Project Abstract
Second Place:
Joseph Cook, Business and Economics
“Subsidizing Obesity” Read Project Abstract
Third Place:
Nicola Beatty and Elizabeth Benda, Animal Vet Science
“Bacterial Diversity in Rumen Fluid of Dairy Cattle in Washington” Read Project Abstract
Graduate Artistic & Creative Presentations
First Place:
Martin Nyarko, Art
“A Play: Contemporary African Art Perspective” Read Project Abstract
Second Place:
Devon Mozdierz, Art
“Myths in Ruins” Read Project 
Third Place:
Jeffrey Hutchinson, Art
“One Man's Trash is Another Man's Art” Read Project Abstract
Graduate Disciplinary Presentations
First Place:
Yvonne Nyavor, Biology/Neuroscience
“A High Fat Diet and the Little Brain in the Gut: Lessons from a Mouse Model” Read Project Abstract
Second Place:
Ciera Shaver, Architecture
“Anaylsis of Zero-Net Energy Districts; End Use, Urban Density and Energy Efficiency Prospects” Read Project Abstract
Third Place:
Arturo Quintero Ferrer, Plant Science
“Molecular and Biological Characterization of a Recombinant Isolate of Potato Virus Y from Mexico” Read Project Abstract
Graduate Interdisciplinary Presentations
First Place:
Susan Irizarry, Natural Resources
“Micro-Level Site Displacement in Yosemite Wilderness: A Novel Application of GPS and Infrared Sensor Data to Explore Relationships between Use Density and Visitor Movement at Attraction Sites” Read Project Abstract
Second Place:
Ruma Joshi, Chemistry
“Effect of Water on the Interaction of Tributyl Phosphate Esters and Phosphine Oxides with Imidazolium-based Room Temperature Ionic Liquids” Read Project Abstract
Third Place:
Kelsie Evans, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
“Recombinants of Potato Virus Y: Origin and Evolution” Read Project Abstract