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2013 Award Winners

Undergraduate Posters
First Place:
Duy Nguyen, Biology
"Excess Regeneration of Axons and Up Regulation of Phosphorylated c-Jun in DSCAM Mutant Mouse Retina." 
Second Place:
Curtis Johnson, Geological Sciences
“The Relationship Between Igneous Activity and Mineralization Within the Leeville Mining Complex.”
Third Place:
William Payne, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
“In-Situ Measurement of Vertical Bypass Flow Using a Drain Gauge.”
Undergraduate Presentations
First Place:
Rhianna Hohbein, Ecology and Conservation Biology
“Habitat Loss and Fragmentation Effects Upon C. castanea, a Short-Tailed Fruit Bat.” Read Project Abstract
Second Place:
Rebecca Johnson, Ecology and Conservation Biology
“Inconsistency Among Indicators of Selection in the Forked Fungus Beetle, Bolitotherus cornutus.” Read Project Abstract
Third Place:
Sarah Gross, Daisy Aguilera, Kaylee Baker, Daniel Lierman-Burns, and Sara Randolph, College of Business
“LifeProof Freedom.” Read Project Abstract
Graduate Artistic & Creative Presentations
First Place:
Eric Demattos and Jeff Hutchison, Art
“Melding Systems of Modern Technology with Classic Painting.” Read Project Abstract
Second Place:
Martin Nyarko, Art
“Aluminum (Soda) Can Exploration Series.” Read Project Abstract
Third Place:
Eric Demattos, Art
“High-Dynamic Range Photography.” Read Project Abstract
Graduate Disciplinary Presentations
First Place:
Jennifer Anand Sundararajan, Physics
“Nano-Nuclear Technology: Nanomaterial and Its role in Next-Generation Nuclear Reactors.” Read Project Abstract
Second Place:
Jing Dai, Natural Resources
“Bioconversion of Woody Biomass to Value-Added Bioplastics.” Read Project Abstract
Third Place:
John Maxwell, Applied Economics
“Evaluating the Power of Goals, Groups, and Incentives in Poverty Alleviation.” Read Project Abstract
Graduate Interdisciplinary Presentations
First Place:
Vanessa Martinez, Education
“The Relationship between Acculturation, Psychological Measures, and Health Risk Factors in College-Aged Mexican-American Women.” Read Project Abstract
Second Place:
Isaiah Gyan, Chemistry
“We Have Discovered a New Carbon Material.” Read Project Abstract
Third Place:
Jarod Blades, Kerry Kemp and Zion Klos, Natural Resources
“Forest Managers Respond to Climate Change Science: Understanding how boundary objects affect perceptions of risk and efficacy.” Read Project Abstract