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Jerry McMurtry | Interim Dean
Jerry came to the University of Idaho as a faculty member in human resource development. He has been at UI for 20 years and has taught as well as served as Associate Dean and Dean for the College of Education. His office is in Morrill 206.
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Kathy Duke | Assistant to the Dean
Morrill Hall 104
Phone: 208.885.6245
Responsible for: assisting the Dean, Dean’s appointments, management of Graduate Studies budgets, graduate tuition waivers and scholarships, travel, EPAF’s, being a college liaison and human resources.
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Cheri Cole | Management Assistant | Programs and Committees
Morrill Hall 104
Phone: 208.885.6243
Responsible for: graduation requirements, study plan review and approval, applications for advanced degree, graduate committee review, policies and procedures, commencement, faculty assistance, defense of thesis and dissertation requirements, listserv management, and processing student forms and course requests
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Sam Koester | Assistant to the Associate Dean | Student Services
Morrill Hall 104
Phone: 208.885.2647
Responsible for: administrative assistance to the Associate Dean, academic disqualifications, financial Aid reinstatements, petitions, problem resolution, policies & procedures, policy interpretation, University withdrawals, faculty & staff assistance, drop/add of courses, and event coordination.
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Melinda Deyasi | Thesis and Dissertation Advisor
Morrill Hall 201A
Phone: 208.885.6242

Responsible for: performing format reviews on theses and dissertations; guiding students through the document preparation and submission process
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Ryan Kalis | Graduate Writing Consultant
Commons 326
Responsible for: helping graduate students with their writing process, from comprehensive issues such as focus and organization, to stylistic concerns of grammar and citation.
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Rance Larsen | Director of Graduate Admissions
Morrill Hall 205
Phone: 208.885.4001
Rance joined the University in 2014. Rance has over 15 years of admission experience at institutions in Washington, Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri.
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Recruitment and Communications
Sean Scoggin | Graduate Student Recruitment Coordinator
Morrill Hall 201B
Phone: 208.885.4723
Responsible for: broad-spectrum graduate student recruitment planning and implementation, marketing and communications, orientation, information sessions, group visitation programs, advising prospective students, and consulting faculty and staff on best practices in admissions.
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