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COGS research

Funding Research Opportunities

Much of COGS research relies on government and corporate funding sources

Research funding refers to any funding for scientific research in the areas of both "hard" science and technology, and social science. Such funding is often obtained through a competitive process in which potential research projects are evaluated and only the most promising receive funding. Such processes are typically operated by government agencies, corporations or foundations.

Most research funding comes from two major sources — corporations (through research and development departments) and government (primarily carried out through universities and specialized government agencies).

Research Sponsors

The funding agencies listed on the subsequent pages maintain Web sites containing information of interest to researchers in all fields of science and technology. These should be helpful in assisting faculty, students, and companies in identifying research funding and scholarships opportunities. 

A great new way to research opportunities

In January 2008, the University of Idaho subscribed to CSA Illumina, which offers Papers Invited, Scholars Universe, and Community of Science (COS) funding searches. You can also use CSA Illumina to access abstracts, indexes and full-text databases at the University of Idaho Library.


Research funding opportunities generally fall into two categories: those provided internally from within the university (including grants to faculty, staff and students) and those provided externally by agencies and others outside the university.