Graduate Tuition & Fees

Graduate Cost of Attendance for Federal Aid Eligibility
Full time (9+ credits)
Residents 1
Full-time Student Fees/Tuition $7,586 $20,662
Room & Board 2 $9,412 $9,412
Books & Supplies (estimated)3 $1,232 $1,232
Subtotal: Base Costs $18,230 $31,306
Transportation (estimated) $1,264 $1,264
Miscellaneous & Personal (estimated)4 $3,836 $3,836
TOTAL COSTS: $23,330 $36,406

Please note: Graduate students enrolled in 9 credits (and up to 16) are considered full-time


  1. Non-Idaho Resident Undergraduate Fees/Tuition $19,600 = $6,524 + $13,076 non-resident tuition.
    Non-Idaho Resident Graduate Fees/Tuition $20,662 = $7,586 + $13,076 non-resident tuition.
    Non-Idaho Resident Law Fees/Tuition $28,850 = $15,774 + $13,076 non-resident tuition.
  2. Room and board expenses reflect the average costs of living on or off campus. Students who live with their parents, non-traditional students or students who have dependent children living with them have cost of attendance adjustments. Other than these situations, a student's living arrangement does not affect the cost of attendance used by Student Financial Aid Services.
  3. Book and supply expenses are based on average costs for a full-time student for one academic year and will vary from one year to another.
  4. Miscellaneous and personal expenses include items such as clothing, health insurance, special course fees, personal care products, laundry, etc. These items are not included in the base cost totals above.