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Outstanding Student Teaching Assistant Award

This award is part of the Graduate and Professional Student Association’s and College of Graduate Studies’ continuing efforts to support and recognize outstanding teaching by graduate students at the University of Idaho. Many forms of teaching exist throughout the graduate school experience, including teaching classes and labs, mentoring and advising students, and assisting professors in teaching and developing course materials for on-campus and off-campus students. 

Nominees must be students who were, or are currently, enrolled in a UI graduate program for summer 2015, fall 2015 and/or spring 2016, and who served in a capacity that significantly affected teaching and student learning at the University of Idaho.
Selection Criteria
  • Extraordinary effectiveness in supporting teaching and learning at the UI
  • Demonstrated support of students and efforts to foster a high quality learning environment

The Award
The Teaching Assistant Award recipient receives a plaque and $1000. The awards will be presented at the Excellence Awards Ceremony in April.
Nomination Process

  1. A letter, signed by the nominator, which includes the nominee’s name, unit, college, degree program, and progress toward degree. The nomination letter should show evidence of innovative use of traditional, new or creative teaching/learning strategies and approaches in the classroom; and evidence of the use of effective teaching and/or mentoring outside the classroom setting; and evidence from student evaluations of teaching. The letter should not exceed three pages.
  2. A personal statement by the nominee, not to exceed 3 pages, describing his/her teaching philosophy and selected supporting information that provide evidence for excellence in teaching design and delivery, in and out of the classroom.
  3. A curriculum vita that clearly identifies the courses which were taught, developed, or supported.
  4. Two additional letters of support that shows how the candidate’s teaching has affected student learning and changed students’ lives. One shall be from the department chair/unit head or a faculty member who has observed or mentored the nominee. One shall be from a student who is familiar with the nominee’s teaching and mentoring activities. Support letters will be clearly identified as a support letter, rather than a nomination letter.

Selection Process
An interdisciplinary selection committee composed of faculty and graduate students will review the nominations and select the award recipients.

Nominations must be emailed in pdf format to Sam Koester using the subject line “Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award" by 5:00PM PST Friday, January 29, 2016. COGS will not forward an incomplete nomination for review. Nominations must adhere to the length guidelines above.