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Donald Crawford Graduate Faculty Mentoring Award

Donald Crawford Graduate Faculty Mentoring Award

This award was established in 2006 to honor the efforts of graduate faculty who excel as mentors of graduate students and was named for its first recipient, Donald L. Crawford. This award is part of the Graduate and Professional Student Association’s and College of Graduate Studies’ continuing efforts to support excellent mentoring of graduate students at the University of Idaho. Many forms of mentoring exist throughout the graduate school experience, including service as major professor, committee service, advising student organizations, advocacy for graduate students, and connections to professional networks. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to nominate outstanding faculty mentors for this award.
Previous Winners

Penny Morgan, Professor, Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences, College of Natural Resources
Akira Tokuhiro, Professor, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering, College of Engineering
Troy E. Hall, Professor, Conservation Social Science, College of Natural Resources
Simon Kattenhorn, Professor, Geology, College of Science
Karen Humes, Professor, Geography, College of Science
Lisette Waits, Professor, Fish & Wildlife, College of Natural Resources
Paul Joyce, Professor, Mathematics, College of Science
Ronald L. Crawford, Professor, MMBB, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences (CALS)
Stephen Devadoss, Professor, Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology, (CALS)
Michael D. Kyte, Professor, Civil Engineering, College of Engineering
Donald Crawford, Professor, MMBB, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences (CALS)


Nominees must be faculty members who have served at the University of Idaho for at least 5 calendar years and who have an outstanding record of mentoring of graduate students.

Selection Criteria
  • Extraordinary effectiveness as a major professor, committee member, and/or advocate of graduate students. This includes demonstrated intellectual leadership to ensure that students master the content and skills of their subject area and are held to high standards.
  • Promotion of timely and successful completion of students’ degree programs
  • Demonstrated advocacy in fostering an environment supportive of graduate student success.

The Award
The recipient receives a plaque and $2,500. The award will be presented at the Excellence Awards Ceremony in April.

Nomination Process

  1. A letter, signed by the nominator, which includes the nominee’s name, unit, college and years of service at the University of Idaho. The letter should present the case for the nominee and comment on the nominee’s positive impact on graduate students. The letter should not exceed three pages.
  2. A personal statement by the nominee stating his/her goals, methods, and philosophy in mentoring graduate students, not to exceed two pages.
  3. A curriculum vita (not to exceed 5 pages), which clearly identifies current and former graduate students mentored by the nominee. The vita should also clearly identify which scholarly works are co-produced/co-authored by graduate students.
  4. Two letters of support. One shall be from a current or former graduate student, and one shall be from a member of the UI graduate faculty.

Selection Process
An interdisciplinary selection committee composed of faculty and graduate students will review the nominations and select the award recipient.

Nominations must be emailed in pdf form to Sam Koester using the subject line “Donald Crawford Graduate Faculty Mentoring Award” by 5:00PM PST Friday, January 29, 2016. COGS will not forward incomplete nominations for review. Nominations must adhere to the length guidelines above.