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Feedback from Students

“I love the availability of hours in the Writing Center and how everyone is so friendly. This is my fourth time, and I really appreciate all the help I can receive.”

“[The tutor] was very nice and helpful and allowed me to think and write in my own words.”

“I found that the writing center understood my learning disabilities. Not once did I ever have to explain myself. When I used their services, I always felt comfortable sharing my papers. As a student, writing can be difficult to share, so for the tutors to make me feel comfortable really helped my situation.”

“I had a very friendly tutor who helped me with all my questions. Thank you! Very helpful if English is not your native language.”

“The tutors are really nice and don't tell you what to do. They make you think about it. [The tutor] was really positive and really helpful in helping me make my paper stronger.”

“She helped me get through the problems with punctuation without making me feel stupid.”

“She was very encouraging and very helpful. I learned so much in the short time we worked.”

“She [the tutor] pointed out problems within my paper, yet made me think about why it was a problem. This will help me not make the mistake in the future. She was just genuinely very helpful and nice.”

“They helped me break down my overwhelming paper into parts I can handle.”

“I have sought their help on many papers throughout the course of the school year. Every time I receive their help, I learn more about writing.”

“What was most helpful was that the tutor took the time to allow me to find my own mistakes. She also made sure that I was understanding suggestions that she made.”

“I am really glad the college has a writing center. If there was no writing center, I would have an extremely hard time passing English 102.”

Writing Center

Physical Address:
Idaho Commons
Third Floor
Room 323

Phone: 208-885-6644


Web: Writing Center