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Congratulations to Professor Herman Ronnenberg!  (History Department's longstanding adjunct faculty member)

Here is an excerpt from the letter he received from the Idaho State Historical Society.

“ …You have been selected to receive a 2014 Esto Perpetua (it is perpetuated) Award from the Idaho State Historical Society.  This award honors individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the preservation of Idaho history through professional accomplishments, public service, volunteerism, or philanthropy.  This is the highest award given in the state for those who work to safeguard Idaho’s history.  Since 1999, the State Historical Society has recognized the inspiring efforts of individuals and organizations from throughout the state.  We are honored to be able to present this award to you this year for your years of work helping to preserve Idaho’s cultural heritage.  You are invited as our honored guest.”

He will be presented with this award at the Old Penitentiary in Boise Idaho, June 12, 2014.

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