Jessica Leon

An Interview with Jessica Leon, Double Major: Finance and Operations Management:

University of Idaho Career Center Success Story Student Jessica LeonJessica Leon is a senior at the University of Idaho. She will graduate in May 2014 with a double major in Finance and Operations Management.  While at UI she founded the Hispanic Business Student Association in efforts to increasing diversity within the College of Business.  She has met with multiple Career Advisors and attended a total of four Job Fairs, which she says helped lead to her job success. She received an internship with Goldman Sachs, which has now led to a full-time position.

In an interview with the Career Center, Jessica stated:

“The Career Center has helped me in setting up and continuously improving my resume by adding or taking away certain things in order to tailor it specifically to a job. They really work with me, because they give suggestions and then I choose whether to implement the changes or not. I have probably met with a career advisor multiple times so far. Last time I met with them about negotiating an offer – understanding the benefits, whether it was good for me for my long term goals,  and salary - it was very helpful.”

“For me, resume workshops and Job Fairs have been the most useful events the Career Center has done. Even though I didn’t actually get an internships or job through the Fair, I was able to get to know all of the companies targeting UI students and do some networking. I applied for some positions just for practice and to see how many interviews my resume and networking skills could get me, which ended up being three! I definitely recommend students go to the Job Fairs, even as freshmen, because it gives them more time to network and find out which companies would be a good fit for them.”

“I highly recommend that students come to the Career Center and use its resources. Every time I come I learn something new.” 

-Jessica Leon, University of Idaho Alumna