Everything You Need to Know about Internships

Steps to finding an Internship
Just starting your internship search? With so many resources and possibilities online, it is easy to become overwhelmed. These steps will help you stay focused and increase the effectiveness of your internship search.
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Internship Credit 101
For most majors, academic credit will not be required for your internship. If you are interested in earning credit for your internship, this section will help you learn about the credit process and requirements.
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Internship Salary Information
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Legislative & Congressional Internships
Legislative & congressional internships are an exciting way to learn about State and Federal government and experience policy making in action. Although many of these internships are unpaid, a major benefit that may make up for the lack of pay is the opportunity to network with influential leaders in Idaho and across the country.
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2014 Internship Trends
Interships.com recently surveyed students, recent graduates, and companies to learn about their internship activities in 2013, and intentions for 2014.
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