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Setting up an Internship

  1. Identify Significant Internship Projects

    1. Special Projects.  Many employers have long lists of projects that need to be done but don’t have the staff to complete them.  Interns are the ideal solution.  Because of the nature of academic schedules, students often look for internship opportunities that are temporary in nature.  Interns can organize research projects, plan events, develop promotional campaigns, or design web pages.  When developing an internship around a special project, you should identify goals, timelines, and outcomes so that everyone understands the purpose and expectations.
    2. On-Going Operations.  Some organizations routinely experience peak periods where additional staff is needed.  Others may operate under very limited budgets and need more help throughout the year.  Again, interns may solve these problems.  Interns may serve as facilitators for youth groups, HR support staff, PR or marketing associates, or website developers.  Remember, students are looking for internships that provide them with professional experience and the opportunity to learn.
  2. Determine the Length of the Internship

    1. The duration of your internship can be as flexible to accommodate the needs of both the student and the employer.
    2. How long will the internship last?  How much time it will take to accomplish your goals for the internship?  Generally, students are available for a semester (15 weeks), a summer (Mid-May through Mid-August), or longer. 
    3. Summer Internships.  This is the most popular time for students to participate in an internship.  Students begin looking for full-time summer internships as early as October.
    4. Continuing Full-Time Internships.  Full-time internships extending beyond a semester can be created if a student chooses to temporarily “stop out” from school.  In a continuing full-time internship, students assume full responsibility for stopping out.  
    5. Academic credit for internships is available if pre-arranged by the student and their academic department or Career Center.
    6. Students seeking longer internships prefer a summer/fall or spring/summer internship.  Longer internships work best if they coincide with the UI’s semester system.
    7. Continuing Part-Time Internships.  For students who are currently enrolled in classes, internships can be part-time (10-20 hours per week) for one or more semesters.  Transportation may be a concern; part-time internship generally should be within commuting distance from the UI.
  3. Establish the Necessary Organizational Support

    1. Designate a mentor/supervisor; someone who is interested in teaching others, understands your organization, and can develop quality work assignments for your intern.  Good supervisors not only help interns learn, they help your organization learn about the intern as a potential full-time hire.
    2. Decide whether your intern will work in one department or several.
    3. Determine the type of orientation and training your intern will need.
    4. Provide a safe working environment and the equipment, supplies, and work space necessary for the student to perform his/her duties.
  4. Write a Position Description. Include the following:

    1. Brief organization description of your organization and website address
    2. Position title
    3. Skills and qualifications required/preferred
    4. Duties and responsibilities
    5. Pay rate (or indicate that it is unpaid)
    6. Hours per week and the start/end dates of the internship
    7. Location (city, state)
    8. Application instructions and deadline
  5. Advertise and Hire an Intern.  The Career Center can help!

    1. Internship announcement.  Post your internship on Hire a Vandal, UI’s on-line job/internship database ( Contact our Employer Relations team for help.
    2. On-campus interview.  Our qualified staff will coordinate your on-campus interview schedule to maximize your visit and allow you to meet with as many candidates as possible.  To arrange your on-campus interviews, please contact Noell Kinyon (see contact info on last page).  Please contact us 6-8 weeks prior to your visit to allow adequate time to promote your internship opportunity and interview date.
    3. Report your hire.  When you hire a UI student or alumnus, let us know!  At the end of the recruiting season, we will send you a questionnaire to help us learn where our students were hired.  You can also send an e-mail to at any time with hiring information.