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  • What is the difference between Preselect and Open interview schedules?

    Preselect schedules require that you submit your resume to demonstrate interest during the resume submission period. Resumes are then reviewed by the company and selections are made. Those students that have been selected to interview can sign up during the preselect signup period listed in the job description. Open schedules are available for students to schedule an interview without the selection process as long as you meet the requirements and appointment times are available.

  • Doesn't my resume just go to the companies interviewing on campus?

    No. You must demonstrate that you are interested in the company and position -AND- that you meet the minimum requirements by submitting a resume.

  • How do I submit a resume for campus interviews?

    Click on the 'Jobs/Internships' tab on the upper toolbar. Select 'Jobs and Campus Interviews' from the drop-down menu. On the search interface, find the 'Show Me' drop-down menu and select either 'Interviews I Qualify for' or 'All Interviews'. Click the 'Search' button. Then click on any 'Job Title' of interest to you. If you meet all of the employer's screening criteria, and resume submissions are still being accepted (check the dates), then you should be allowed to submit your resume. If you have multiple resumes uploaded, select the resume you would like to use. Click the ‘Submit’ button.

  • Why don't I meet the requirements to submit a resume?

    Employers can, and do, specify academic requirements for resume submissions and scheduling sign up. These requirements can be majors, degree level, graduation dates, and work authorization status.

  • I don't meet the requirements, but I would still be a good candidate. What can I do?

    What You and the Career Center can do:

    Ask the Career Center for assistance. Use the feedback box on the Vandal CareerConnection home page to send questions or comments. Many times your experience or educational background is so close to the requirements that we will add your resume to the submissions. The Career Center can re-evaluate the job description and determine if something is missing from the requirements. We may encourage the employer to modify their requirements or we may advise you to apply directly to the contact.

    Check back before the deadline passes, perhaps the requirements have been modified by the employer.

    Apply directly on the company's website. Look for the jobs that match your needs.

    Speak with the recruiters at a career fair or presentation. You just might be the exceptional candidate they did not expect to find.

    Contact information is listed within each job description. If you cannot apply on Vandal CareerConnection, you can apply directly. If you receive notification that you have been selected to interview but find that you are not able to sign up online, contact CAPP to assist you with scheduling.

    Attend the company's Information Session. If there were last minute cancellations, an employer might agree to grant you an interview.

    What the Career Center cannot do: 

    • We cannot submit resumes of students who do not meet the work authorization requirements that are set by the employer. 
    • If you missed the deadline, we cannot submit after the resume submission period has closed. 
    • We cannot submit resumes of internship-eligible-only students for full-time positions.
  • How do I sign up for an interview? The employer said I was selected to sign up for an interview.

    Log in to Vandal CareerConnection. Click the 'Interviews' tab on the top tool bar, select the 'Interview Requests' tab to check your status. A status of 'Pending' indicates your resume is still under review by the employer. 'Invited' means you have been selected to interview. If you wish to accept the interview, click the 'Schedule Interview' button to choose an interview date and time slot. If you don't wish to interview, click the 'Decline Interview' button which will allow the employer to select another candidate. A status of 'Not Invited' means you were not selected to interview.

  • Do I have to attend the information session for the company I wish to interview with?

    Yes, and no. Some companies require students to attend information sessions as part of the hiring process. Other companies encourage students to attend to learn about the company, career paths, hiring process and benefits. Always plan to attend the information session if possible. Why miss the opportunity to network with the recruiter you will eventually interview with? Demonstrate that you truly are interested in the company and its job opportunities. If you are unable to attend an information session for a good reason, be sure to contact the company's representative as a courtesy. If you plan to attend an information session, please RSVP. To do so, in Vandal CareerConnection, click the 'Events' tab. Click on the date of the information session to view the event description. If you wish to attend, click the 'RSVP' button.

  • Can I come in on the interview date and get a time slot?

    No. All interview appointments must be arranged prior to the interview date.

  • How do I change my password?

    Login to Vandal CareerConnection and select the ‘Profile’ tab then select the ‘Password/Preferences’ tab. If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgot My Password’ at the Vandal CareerConnection login screen and a new password will be emailed to you.

  • My major is not listed on the drop-down menu in the Academic Information section of my profile

    If your major is not listed on the drop-down menu, select something that is closely related to the missing item. Send an email through the feed back box on the Vandal CareerConnection home page to notify us of what is missing. A computer support person will get back to you and update your profile if necessary.

  • How do I remove a Job Search Agent?

    Job Search Agents are easily removed. First, log in to Vandal CareerConnection. Next, go to 'Jobs' and click 'Search Agents'. Your job search agent will be visible. Click the 'Delete' button to remove the agent.

  • I don't wish to receive the automatic emails from Vandal CareerConnection. How do I change my settings?

    It is important to note that there is a difference between the email that Vandal CareerConnection sends out, and email messages sent by the Career Center office.

    Emails generated by Vandal CareerConnection tend to be automatic and are based primarily on how you are using the system. For example, if you activate the Job Search Agent, Vandal CareerConnection will email you each time the agent runs on the schedule you have specified. Or, if you are a participant in Campus Interviewing, Vandal CareerConnection will also send out important notifications regarding interviewing opportunities you are eligible for, upcoming information sessions or even reminders of scheduled interview appointments. These important emails are built into the system and cannot be turned off.

    From time to time the Career Center will send out email messages to registered users. These can be on a variety of topics, including notice of upcoming workshops, career fairs and special events. Receipt of these messages is controlled entirely by the user, and may be changed under the ‘Profile’ tab.

  • How do I upload a resume?

    First, your resume needs to be created outside of the Vandal CareerConnection system in a standard Word Processing program (e.g. Microsoft Word, WordPerfect). Select ‘Documents’ from the main menu and then click on ‘Add New’ to upload a new resume. Use the 'Browse' button to locate the file on your computer that contains your resume. Next, give your resume a title.

    Please note that when you submit a resume to a prospective employer, they can see your name and the title name of your resume. Use a professional title to name your resume (e.g. Finance Resume, Intern Resume, etc.). Click on upload resume.

    Your resume file will be converted to PDF (Portable Document Format) that can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Be sure to view your PDF resume for proper formatting. Please note that resume files created in Microsoft Works do not convert to PDF and cannot be uploaded unless first converted from Works to Word format.

  • What is a "default" resume?

    If you have elected to participate in the ‘Resume Book’ service your default resume is the document that is used for employer referrals. The default resume is denoted on your document list in bold print or with an asterisk (*) when displayed in a drop-down list.

  • How can I revise or change my documents (resumes and/or cover letters)?

    Resumes can only be modified in the original file. After you have made the necessary changes in your original document file, you can upload it over your existing document. Select the link appropriate to updating either your resume or cover letter from the menu options.

  • How can I get my resume uploaded to Vandal CareerConnection? I keep getting error messages.

    Please send notification to a computer support technician by using the feedback box on the Vandal CareerConnection home page. Be sure to include the specific error message you received, the Word Processor you are using and the version. You will be notified if a copy of your resume is needed for evaluation.

  • I do not like how my converted PDF resume looks. Where are some formatting tips?
    • If your margins are too narrow, you may experience words that are wrapped on conversion. Try making your font smaller by one point and widening your margins.
    • Make sure that you are using a true type font (arial, times roman, helvetica). Unusual fonts do not translate well and may not display properly.
    • Use a normal font size (12 point). Do not use any font size below 9. Use larger font sizes for your name and headers.
    • Use the space bar to add spacing to your resume. Using the tab key may cause text to misalign.
    • Avoid textboxes if at all possible. Use a table to make columns for alignment. Merge the cells of the table for larger text areas.
    • Visit the Career Center website for additional advice on resumes and cover letters.
    • Print your resume and have it critiqued by a Career Advisor.