Kelsey LaRoche

Interview with Kelsey LaRoche, U-Idaho Alumna, Product Engineer Planner at Micron:

University of Idaho Career Center Success Story Student Kelsey LaRoche"I earned a degree in Production/Operations Management, Finance, and Management from the University of Idaho in 2011.  I received three job offers from the University of Idaho Career Fair, and selected my current company, Micron, based upon meeting my employer at the event.  I knew the recruiter was coming to class prior to the Career Fair, so I made sure to write a cover letter and resume tailored to the position.  I handed it to the recruiter at the end of class and introduced myself.  This gave me extra confidence when exploring booths at the Career Fair and I went straight to the Micron booth to learn more about the position. Thanks to the Career Fair, I was able to easily compare a variety of different positions and see what was available for me out in the “real world.” Most importantly, it got me a job!"

"My current position is a Product Engineering Planner. I assist Micron’s Planning, Engineering, and Marketing groups when a product is brand new and needs a lot of special attention.  I also help whenever we are trying to do something outside the norm on a production volume part.  When a product is just starting out, I work to bring all groups together (Assembly, Test, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Engineering, etc.) and make sure everyone is working toward the correct common goal.  I also manage the entire inventory line and make sure high-priority orders are getting filled with the correct material. "

"Micron has a lot of different opportunities, so I am looking forward to where my career takes me.  I would like to stay in the planning realm, and would ideally become a planning lead, responsible for a team of planners."

-Kelsey LaRoche, University of Idaho Alumna